Al-Eman Investment Group

Welcome to Al-Eman Investment Group

Al-Eman Investment Group (EIG) was established in 1978 for the purpose of developing a strong presence as a distributor and manufacturer of agriculture related goods, drugs and fertilizers. Since EIG’s inception, there had been many expansions into many other fields.
Now, EIG is one of the largest and fastest growing regional companies throughout the Middle East. At EIG we pride ourselves that we are manufacturer, importer, exporter and shipbuilder. EIG offers a broad portfolio of goods and services, the spectrum of which is so diversified, it extends to almost all fields of business activity through its sister companies each of which is specialized in a certain field of activity.
Plants &  Production Lines

1We supply complete production lines for Liquid and Powder Agro-Chemicals , Food Industry …etc.

Oil Field Sector

2We are committed to provide complete, reliable and up-to-date solutions to major oil wells drilling, oil refineries, different materials and equipment essential for the petroleum industry.

Gov. Companies Suppliers

3We have succeeded to be the main dependable supplier company for major factories in Iraq, supplying them with different types of machinaries & chemicals .

Lab Equipment Trading

4We deal with the medical and laboratory fields such as, hospitals consumables materials, diagnostic and chemical reagents, medical apparatus and surgery equipment.


We import and supply equipment for modern Transportation : Marine Vessels , Railway Equipment .
Agricultural Pesticides & Veterinary
We build and supply Greenhouses with different types and sizes, Drip Irrigation and Fertilizing Systems.
Building & Furnishing Hospitals & Scientific Colleges
• Building & Rehabilitation of Hospitals, Universities and Houses • Medical Equipment , Chemicals, Tools, Engineering Lab. Equip., Medical Lab. Equip., Test Chemicals & Scientific Equipment, HPLC, Analyzers, Computers & Accessories.